Below is an incomplete list of my favourite magazines, books and online publications related to art and design. I like to read them again or check for updates to always find something that will inspire me or teach. For day-to-day inspirations check my blog.

Magazines & blogs

Slanted – publishing house from Karlsruhe, in addition to the blog and magazine, Slanted Publishers initiates and creates projects such as the Yearbook of Type, tear-off calendars Typodarium and Photodarium, independent type foundry VolcanoType and other design-related projects and publications.

Frieze – magazine of contemporary art and culture; includes essays, reviews and columns by today’s most forward-thinking writers, artists and curators.

Design made in Germany – showcasting graphic and editorial designs made in Germany.

Design Tagebuch – blog concentrating on rebranding: big and small brands, cities and local authorities. I’ve found comments section especially interesting.

Shady Characters – all about books, ampersands, interrobangs and other typographical curiosities. – best place on the internet for typography geeks.

100 beste Plakate – best poster from Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

arte – I don’t watch TV, but if I do I’ll look at Arte TV.

Bibliography – inspiring books and publications

100 Beste Plakate, 19. Dortmund 2020

Albers Josef, Interaction of color. Yale 2013

Ambler Frances, Brief lessons in creativity. London 2019

Ambler Frances, Brief lessons in rule breaking. London 2019

Ambrose Gavin, Paul Harris, Design th!nking. Lausanne 2010

Ambrose Gavin, Paul Harris, Layout. Lausanne 2011

Ambrose Gavin, Paul Harris, The fundamnetals of creative design. Crans-près-Céligny 2003

Ambrose Gavin, Paul Harris, The fundamnetals of graphic design. Lausanne 2009

Ambrose Gavin, Paul Harris, The fundamnetals of typography. London 2011

Bringhurst Robert, The elements of typographic style. Vancouver 2012

Coles  Stephen, The geometry of type. The anatomy of 100 essential typefaces. London 2014

Finlay Victoria, Colour. Travels through the pintbox. London 2002

Finlay Victoria, The Brilliant history of colour in art. Los Angeles 2014

From Eastern Europe. Graphic design from Eastern Europe, compiled and published by Counter-Print. Ifold 2018

From Japan. Graphic design from Japan, compiled and published by Counter-Print. Ifold 2017

From Latin America. Graphic design from Latin America, compiled and published by Counter-Print. Ifold 2017

From Scandinavia. Graphic design from Scandinavia, compiled and published by Counter-Print. Ifold 2017

Frutiger Adrian, Człowiek i jego znaki. Kraków 2015

Frutiger Adrian, Der Mensch und seine Zeichen. Wiesbaden 2006

Frutiger Adrian, L'homme et ses signes. Paris 1999

Frutiger Adrian, Type. Sign. Symbol. Zürich 1980

Gurney James, A guide for the realist painter. Kansas City 2010

Houston KeithShady characters. The secret life of punctuation, symbols & othertypographical marks. London 2013

Huston Keith, The Book. A cover-to-cover exploration of the most powerful object of our time. London 2016

Kastan David Scott, Stephen Farthing, On colour. New Heaven and London 2018

Loske Alexandra, Colour. A visual history. London 2019

Lupton Ellen, Thinking with type. A critical guide for designers, writers, editors & students. New York 2010

Mitchell Michael, Susan Wightman, Book typography. A designer’s manual. Marlborough 2005

Mitchell Michael, Susan Wightman, Typografia książki. Podręcznik projektanta. Kraków 2012

Munari Bruno, Design as art. London 2008

Müller Jens (Hg. / ed.), Best German posters. Eine Gschichte der deutschen Plakatwettbewerbe. / A history of German poster competitions. Dortmund 2019

Müller Jens (Hg. / ed.), West-Berlin Grafik-Design. Gestaltung hinter dem Eisernen Vorhang. / Graphic design behind the Iron Curtain. Dortmund 2019

Müller Manuela (ed.), Typography. Getting the hang of web typography. Freiburg 2011

Müller-Brockmann Josef, Raster systeme für visuelle Gestaltung. Ein Handbuch für Grafiker, Typografen und Ausstellungsgestalter. Grid systems in graphic design. A visual communication manual for graphic designers, typographers and three dimensional designers. Salenstein 2017

Pérez Denisse Ariana, A middle finger in the shape of words to whoever told you that you are not creative enough. München 2016

Samara Timothy, Making and breaking the grid. A graphic design layout workshop. Beverly 2002

Slanted. Karlsruhe (regular magazine and special editions)

St Clair Kassia, The secret lives of colour. London 2016

Strizver Ilene, Type rules! The designer’s guide to professional typography. Hoboken 2006

Williams Jim, Type matters! Simple tips for everyday typography. London 2012

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